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For your convenience, all of our lobbies now open at 8:30.

About Us

George R. Marx, President of Copiah Bank

President's Message

I am very proud of Copiah Bank’s rich heritage, one that spans 122 years of personal. dedicated service to our customers and our communities. Values like hard work, family, church, friendliness and community service are ingrained in our very fiber, and they show through loud and clear. We are committed to being the best bank we can be, and we realize that our customers are our most valuable asset; therefore, we will always have time to meet your banking needs.

I am also very proud of our staff as they are largely responsible for our success and for the satisfaction of our customers. They know how to provide genuine old-fashioned service with a smile and a thank-you, and they realize that customers want to be treated as they themselves want to be treated.

If you already bank with us, we are most grateful for your trust and confidence. We appreciate the relationship you share with us. If you are presently not one our customers, I invite you to stop for a visit at any of our offices. I believe you will like what you see and hear.

Thank you very much and we hope to see you soon!

George R. Marx

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