Copiah Bank

Privacy Policy

Copiah Bank is aware of the fact that our customers want and expect us to place the highest priority on the privacy and confidentiality of their financial dealings with our bank. At Copiah Bank, we know that confidentiality is an important part of the reason our customers do business with our bank. Because of our commitment to providing the highest levels of security and privacy of our customers’ personal financial information, Copiah Bank has adopted the following privacy policy.

Protection of Information

Copiah Bank recognizes its customers’ needs and expectations of privacy and confidentiality when dealing with their personal financial information. We maintain standards and have policies in place designed to protect their privacy and to restrict unauthorized access to customer information. Copiah Bank maintains security standards and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to confidential customer information. We update and test our technology to improve the protection of our customer information and to assure the integrity of our information.

Collection Use and Retention

Copiah Bank and its affiliates will collect, use, and retain information about customers that is necessary to allow us to provide superior service and products tailored to customer needs, and to offer opportunities that we think will be of interest to and benefit our customers. We collect non-public personal information about our customers from the following sources:

Information we receive from customers on applications or other forms;
Information about transactions with us, our affiliates, or others; and
Information we receive from consumer reporting agencies.

Notify Us of Inaccurate Information We Report To Consumer Reporting Agencies

Please notify us if we report any inaccurate information about your accounts (s) to a consumer reporting agency. Your written notice describing the specific inaccuracy(ies) should be sent to us at the following address: COPIAH BANK, N.A. MAIN OFFICE 101 CALDWELL DRIVE HAZLEHURT, MS 39083.

Maintenance of Accurate Information

Copiah Bank has procedures in place to assure that customers’ financial information is accurate, current and complete. We have procedures in place to respond to customer requests to correct inaccurate information in a timely manner. We will comply with all federal and state laws and regulations regarding accurate information. Customers are encouraged to notify us immediately if they receive information regarding their business with the bank that they believe to be inaccurate.

Limitation of Employee Access

Copiah Bank will insure that any employee that has access to customers’ information has a business reason for that access. Copiah Bank discusses with all employees the importance of maintaining confidentiality of any and all customer records. The privacy of customer information is stressed in the bank’s Code of Conduct that is signed by all employees, and employees are notified that should this policy be violated, that appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken.

Restrictions on Disclosure of Account Information

Bank does not disclose any non-public personal information about our customers or former customers to anyone, except as permitted by law.

Privacy in Business Relationships for Ancillary Products and Services Maintained

Copiah Bank is very selective in choosing third parties that assist us in the delivery of products and services to our customers. There will be occasions when we partner with third parties that are unaffiliated with us in order to offer ancillary products and services that may be of benefit to our customers. Such arrangements may require sharing customer information collected as described in Section 2 above to companies that perform marketing services on our behalf and with whom we have joint marketing arrangements. When we enter into such a partnership, we will require these third parties to adhere to similar privacy principles.

Affiliate Disclosure Statement

We are permitted under law to share information about our experiences or transactions with our or your account (such as your account balance and payment history with us) with companies related to us by common control or ownership (“affiliates”). We also may share additional information about you or your account (such as information we receive from you and applications and information from credit reporting agencies) with our affiliates. You may direct us not to disclose to our affiliates information that does not relate solely to our or our affiliates’ experiences or transactions with you or your account (such as application information or credit bureau information) by calling us at (601) 894-2831.

Former Customers

Confidential information of persons who are known to no longer be customers of Copiah Bank will be handled on the same basis as if such person were still a customer.


Copiah Bank wants our customers to understand our commitment to privacy issues. This privacy policy will be made available to all banking locations for distribution to our customers upon their request, and will be provided at the time of establishment of the customer relationship, and annually thereafter.